The Quills present a poignant examination of our world through an eclectic, alternative rock sound with the influences of  soul, R&B, and funk.  The group leaves no stone unturned, with lyrics that range from the deeply personal, to the socially conscious, to the downright ridiculous.

Gus Reeves is a Seattle-based composer and vocalist who, when teamed-up with lyricist C'Quill, is the creative backbone of The Quills. Also contributing lead vocals and guitar, Gus' musical architecture provides the basis for The Quills' collaboration.

Ryan Behling, a seasoned touring musician and composer originally from Chicago, plays bass and contributes vocals, and his production work helps define the sound of The Quills.

Ernie Adams, a world-renowned percussionist and professor of Jazz at University of Illinois- Chicago, contributes drive and energy with his versatile percussion skills.